Project Manager - New Construction and Multifamily

Job Description TRC Energy Services (TRC) is a nationally known energy efficiency consultancy. TRC collaborates with clients to develop and implement market transforming programs and initiatives that promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green building in multiple market sectors across the US. These initiatives reduce energy costs, improve the health and safety conditions of buildings, while also helping the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. TRC acts nationally to address some of our country's most challenging problems: global climate change and energy independence.  NYSERDA's New Construction and Multifamily Residential teams seek an individual with 10+ years of experience to help organize and stimulate a market for manufacturers and suppliers of certain products for high performance new construction projects, gut renovations, and retrofits. This position will collaborate with NYSERDA staff working to reduce the cost of Net Zero building projects by focusing on the supply chain to identify market gaps and opportunities for cost compression, and building an engagement strategy for the manufacturing sector in envelope panel and HVAC systems. This position will support existing and future NYSERDA programs including but not limited to RetrofitNY and Buildings of Excellence. The ideal candidate has an understanding of the chain of suppliers and consultants typically involved in a high performance construction or retrofit project. In addition, the ideal candidate has either: (1) substantial experience with factory-based manufacturing, especially related to pre-fab or modular construction, panelized envelope systems, or MEP systems; OR (2) substantial field experience in the design and construction of projects built to a stringent energy efficiency standard, such as Passive House, along with a deep understanding of Building Science. This work is expected to contribute to NYSERDA's efforts to create a Net Zero carbon building stock by 2050. The candidate must be able to successfully advocate for manufacturing companies to introduce new products into the marketplace -- by identifying product gaps in the high performance market supply chain, developing specifications for those needed products, and demonstrating large scale potential demand for those new products. NYSERDA anticipates that these products will help push the building industry toward innovative and cost-effective energy-saving and emissions-reducing design and constructionprocesses. Depending on applicant experience and qualifications, candidates may be considered for either a Project Manager or Senior Project Manager title. Lead NYSERDA efforts around cost compression for Net Zero, Passive House and similar high performance projects in NY State.  Engage with established players and new entries into the manufactured building components space, especially for envelope and MEP systems, to understand their view of the high performance construction market in the NY region and beyond. Identify technical and cost considerations in the production and supply of high-performance products for advanced clean energy new construction, gut renovation, and retrofit projects. Engage with developers, builders, architects, and engineers to identify pain points and inefficiencies in the design and construction of advanced clean energy buildings, and to bridge the divide between these projects and the manufacturers capable of providing solutions. Identify and, upon approval, execute discrete activities that NYSERDA can undertake that would expand the availability and lower the cost of product solutions in the NY market (and beyond) for airtight envelopes and high-efficiency MEP systems. Collaborate with other governmental, NGO and private sector stakeholders to consolidate and agregate demand for cost-effective high performance building components. Direct NYSERDA consultants in production of white papers, case studies, and other industry-facing literature aimed at expanding the knowledge of and familiarity with advanced clean energy buildings Support new program strategy development Requirements Bachelors Degree, advanced degreepreferred This person must: understand the construction industry supply chain, and the financial considerations of developers and building owners; demonstrate an ability to think strategically;  have experience in either (A) manufacturing organizations and factory processes for building components/systems; or (B) Building Science and the design & construction of projects built to a Passive House standard or equivalent. Additional desired skills include: a knack for salespersonship; experience with organizational change management; Knowledge of industrial design, manufacturing, and lean manufacturing, ideally for building MEP products or for pre-fabricated or modular buildings; Cost estimating, cost engineering/analysis; Familiarity with the technical, financial, and regulatory considerations in high performance design & construction or retrofits in the New York region, with a particular focus on multifamily housing 2604
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

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